Curriculum Design

Curriculum design programme

Our curriculum design programme enables schools to develop a curriculum uniquely tailored to their vision and values. We help schools energise their curricula with four import qualities: passion and purpose, mind-friendly learning, big ideas and wonderful experiences. We make curriculum theory and evidence easily applicable in a hands-on format. Our design toolkit helps the whole school community engage in curriculum development, fostering shared ownership and commitment. A wholehearted curriculum helps children to flourish.

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Passion & purpose

We help schools to define their mission and values in a way that will support key choices about what and how to teach. A sense of purpose is important for learners too, building motivation and commitment. We help make sure that children experience the value of their learning beyond the classroom and can apply it in ways that contribute to the world around them.

Mind friendly learning

In recent decades, understanding about how our minds work has increased substantially, with important implications for education. We help schools translate the science into curriculum design that supports  memory, motivation and understanding. Mind-friendly learning also means empowering children to manage their thoughts and feelings to the benefit of their social and emotional wellbeing.

Big ideas

Big ideas are important, transferable understandings that help pupils to make sense of what they learn in school, how things are in the outside world and new tasks and challenges.  We work with schools and subject experts to identify and bring to life the powerful ideas at the heart of each discipline. Big ideas support meaningful connections between concepts, facts and skills and create a dynamic and progressive curriculum narrative.

Wonderful experiences

Like John Dewey, the psychologist and educational reformer of the early 20th century, we believe education is not just “a preparation for life, it is life itself”. This is one reason why we help schools to offer authentic and inspiring learning experiences, stimuli and settings. Our second reason is that these experiences have the power, when carefully chosen and designed, to bring the big ideas of the curriculum to life, supporting deeper understanding and transferable learning.